Globalism vs Balkanism

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26 mins ago, zybathegeek said:

My FIL was a Cuban man and sorted out my taste buds very early for fine leaf, but I was never an aficionado, fair was fair, I introduced him to the delights of Islay malts. My MIL had a special full length mink coat for their regular trips to Montreal for his quarterly stock up.


In his last years in Florida he found a Honduran supplier with a line of the good cuban leaf, said they approached the Churchills he loved best, but I no longer imbibe these days, my Cardiologist is a martinet.

My grandfather smoked one a day.  It finally killed him at 99.

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5 hours ago, dena said:

Globalists believe the world can function best if we form some kind of one world government, irregardless of things like language, culture, and heritage. Everybody world wide can set aside their differences, and work toward making the whole globe a prosperous, and peaceful place.

Balkanism is where populations divide themselves according to heritage, language, culture, and live among those of their tribe. We see this in the former Soviet territories like Georgia, and Ukraine, places like Bosnia, Macedonia, and the newly formed African countries.

France has people calling for a military take over because globalist Macron fails to recognize the terror the imported Muslims are posing to French culture. This clash could lead to France splitting up into pieces representing old France, and New France...Globalists vs Tribalists.

So, I ask you, dear readers, which way of life leads to better peace and prosperity for everyone, Globalism, Balkanism, or something else?


I think folks naturally flock to be around those that look, and think like they do. That is the natural order. Globalism will be forced, and is against how things naturally sort out. Nature always wins in the end. Globalism may win a battle, but will lose the war.

IMO Globalism will only be possible "After" the forced breakdown of society.  It will have to offer more than what most Leading countries have.  In that case those Countries/Societies will have to be hurting bad to accept Globalism 

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Put me with Ben Franklin as in birds of a feather flock together.  I tend to agree with that other Uncle Tom, Thomas Sowell.

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We're talking about splitting up on ideological lines.


We speak of this as members of the most powerful nation on earth. That's a huge luxury that's not a given. The trade off is giving that power away.


The problem is you trade self expression for collective power. Without power, you become victim to the more powerful. Most of the time, the more powerful re-consolidate groups with little regard for your desire for self expression.


The other issue with splitting on ideological lines, as opposed to heritage or some other fixed trait, is the almost infinite amount of ideological variations you can imagine. There may be constant fracturing of component groups, as we saw with the Protestant reformation. It didn't stop with Luther. 

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On 4/30/2021 at 9:33 AM, dena said:

Globalism recognizes that.

The solution it came up with to solve it was to weaken the strong.

This is what the retired French military leadership has realized. They are aware of the contributions French history has made to western culture, and are correctly stating the course of action it needs to take, should the current state of affairs not be reversed.

Here's where I think American, as well as European culture has gone wrong. If your old enough to be the children, or grandchildren, of the WW2 era, we heard first hand of the sacrifices made that defined this pivotal moment in our history. Subsequent generations haven't had the opportunity to hear these stories first hand, only knowing the event as written history in a book. These generations have never really had a "boogeyman" to unite against, the way America and Europe has had. The globalists have taken advantage of this, and convinced them that their "boogeyman" is western culture it self. The question is, when reasoning and diplomacy fail, will we be willing to make the sacrifices past generations have made in order tp preserve our culture?

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