Netherlands, April 27th. 2021

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The blank of a few days ago had to be erased so it was off to the stream again.
We had a public holiday due to the Kings birthday and for a change we actually
had nice weather.
The sun was out, the easterly wind was manageable and the temperature was ok.

I went out in the afternoon to enjoy the highest temperature of the day and
started fishing at the spot I had blanked recently.
A deep fished nymph actually yielded a dace which was a good start of the day.
Forgetting the memory card in the camera was not so good.
It had happened before so I was prepared and soon was in business again.
and actually caught a dace at the first mark when I
That second fish however would not materialize.

I had to try another spot and soon found a nice set of weirs.
There was a rising fish but it only came up once so I continued nymphing.
The faster flow behind the weir yielded dace nr. 2 of the day, a good
size fish for this water.

Although the insect activity had increased due to the warmer weather it
was not enough to bring fish to the surface.
With the sun getting low I had one last spot to visit.
The stream at that spot had been put back in a more natural state and
boasted some interesting features.

Dace nr. 3 came from a shallower stretch after a couple of missed takes.
To bad I had not brought my hip waders with me because some
spots required a little wading to get the best drifts.
Three fish was not bad, the sun was already moving behind the trees
so I called it quits.

I took the shortcut through the moor and circumvented all the highland
cows that where laying on the road.
Best not to startle them when they have offspring moving around.
As usual the roe deer came out at dusk so I managed a few snapshots
of them along the way.



















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