Russian Bounties: Fake News after All

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Russian Bounties: Fake News after All


National Guard, conduct security as part of an advise and assistance mission in southeastern Afghanistan, September 17, 2019.

(Master Sergeant Alejandro Licea/US Army)


The Afghanistan Russian bounties story’ proves it is False.


Fake News Is Real By DAVID HARSANYI - April 15, 2021 5:54 PM


Soldiers assigned to First Battalion, 178th Infantry Regiment, Illinois Army

Both Dan McLaughlin and Michael Brendan Dougherty have already weighed in on the media’s embarrassing “Russian bounties” story. In June, the New York Times reported that United States intelligence officials “have concluded that a Russian military-intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing coalition forces in Afghanistan.” No doubt you remember the hysteria.


Now that Donald Trump is gone, and new president Joe Biden needs to garner public support for his Afghanistan withdrawal, NBC News informs us: “Remember those Russian bounties for dead U.S. troops? Biden admin says the CIA intel is not conclusive.” You know, in the old days — like, maybe six years ago — reporters would generally hold off publishing stories that accused the sitting president of engaging in seditious behavior or a dangerous nuclear adversary of targeting American soldiers until after officials had investigated those claims. Modern journalism is a bit different.


When I initially began writing this piece, I was hoping to assemble a list of major blown stories, and the corrosive media frenzy that accompanied them, but I quickly realized I don’t have that kind of time. Let’s just say that major media outlets have spent five years spreading disinformation, first in an effort to delegitimize the outcome of an election, then to undermine the (especially foreign) policy of an elected president, and finally, to help elect their preferred candidate, Joe Biden.


Russian Bounties: Fake News after All


Biden May Regret His Afghanistan Decision

The rollout of these fake-news pieces — and really, what else can we call them? — was almost always the same: Political reporters without any ethical qualms about being manipulated became stenographers for politically motivated “officials.” Sometimes their scoops were wholly concocted. Other times, they might contain some sliver of truth to create plausibility. Once the story hit, cable-news hosts would breathlessly report on the report, accepting its veracity without doing any of the legwork. From time to time, outlets might pretend to verify the news themselves (almost surely using the same sources.) For instance, a June 2020 CNN piece — festooned with five bylines — informed us that “a US official familiar with the latest information” was certain that Trump had lied about not being “personally briefed” and claiming the intelligence “wasn’t verified.” (Trump was right.)


Outlets then amplify the scoop by closely covering the Democrats’ feigned outrage and calls for investigations. Reporters stalk Republicans down hallways and into elevators demanding they comment on the newest outrage. Favored “analysts” and “experts” put on solemn voices to bemoan the destruction of American norms. And anyone who questions the veracity of the reporting is smeared as a sap for Putin or a partisan shill. At CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, almost no one will show the slightest journalistic skepticism.


NOW WATCH: 'Biden to Withdraw All Troops from Afghanistan by September 11'


Then, as the story incrementally loses its impact, or it starts falling apart, as so many do, it will either be walked back or quietly “clarified.” Journalists will even pat themselves on the back for being transparent and correcting the record, never once bothering to explain how every single one of their mistakes skews in the same partisan direction. None of the pundits or reporters or editors or Sunday-talk-show hosts or owners of media outlets feel the need to explain how they were supposedly duped. Sources that lie to reporters aren’t burned. No, the lesson the media learned from the Trump years, as we saw after 60 Minutes’ transparent hit piece on Ron DeSantis recently, is that there are no consequences for unethical activist journalism.




DAVID HARSANYI is a senior writer for National Review and the author of First Freedom: A Ride through America’s Enduring History with the Gun.  @davidharsanyi END



Over the past 5 or 6 years the most of the Press & TV stations were feeding us their narrative to under cut their wish for Socialism. Now their narratives are pure $hit!


You need to read EPOCH TIMES and watch NEWMAX if you want the TRUTH!



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Well before the nap, and wake up to whatever clown is on their laptop and believe that your friends with the east is gonna let you talk about that whore you got pregnant and got that secret abortion, all while you got an elbow knee deep by your same gender second secret.... Wish for capitalism not Communism/Socialism or dumpster diving in south American or maybe have your feet bound to make NIKE sneakers, because ironically you can't run in those. 

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No matter what you thought of the guy, you all will have to admit by now that everything Trump said, no matter how ridiculous it sounded, turned out to be true.  Political and Media lies can only be buried for so long before some other power hungry upstart politician or reporter digs them up and uses them to advance their careers.

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Russia’s most useful idiots here were all over this, daily. Repeating the lie, over and over. 


It’s what they do. Destroy America, one internet lie, after another. 


Russia. Lol. 

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