High hopes, low expectations - a fishing report

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This working from home thing has advantages. Toward the end of the day, between server reboots, I stuffed my pack with my waders, boots, and plug bag.

At 5:30 PM I was out the door heading for the water. Tide wasn't perfect, but it was outgoing in the evening, worth a shot. I figured it would be an opportunity to test gear and lures if nothing else. 

At just before 6 PM I got to an un-named state park in Fairfield county and hiked down to a breakwater. Put on my waders and boots, crawled out to the end and started tossing light topwater stuff.

I started with a 5/8 Yozuri dog walker in bunkerish pattern. No joy.

Tried a 3/4 ounce white pencil popper - also no joy.

After a while I moved to a bigger breakwater, walked out carefully to the end. The outgoing tide had just exposed a lower section that doubled its length.

Tried the popper again - no joy, but had fun throwing it after the winter layoff.

Started tossing a heavier Yozuri "3D" dog walker. It had a nice action when it didn't pick up brown mung.

The water was apparently spotted liberally with the stuff. Using anything other than topwater plugs would have been an exercise in seaweed harvesting.

Around 6:45 or so, something whacked that puppy and tossed it up about 2 feet. I let it sit for a moment, resumed walking the dog, and picked up another lovely lump of brown muck, ending all interest in that retrieve.

I was happy anyway - there are fish in western long Island sound again, and I'd just seen proof of that.

Unfortunately there was also lots of brown-green muck floating in spots spread around the area. Every time one of my dog walkers hit a patch I watched that nice zig-zag action deteriorate to a straight weed towing operation.

I figured I'd try some longer casts. I put on a 2 3/8 ounce SuperStrike popper in bone white and flung that out there. Oddly enough it seemed to pick up less weed than the Yozuri 3D.

2nd or third cast and I had a fish on. Very nice, and very unexpected. It felt like a respectable schoolie. 

I didn't get to find out for sure. My line picked up the biggest lump of seaweed of the night and I got to reel that in instead of the fish.

I continued casting for about  20 minutes after that without any further hits.

However I consider the outing a success. I had two close encounters with fish that were almost certainly stripped bass, my first of 2021. They're back, and I'm a happy camper.


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Thanks for posting the report. It's always good to here of others outings be they successful or not. It's good to just get out and fish and stretch out the old muscles.

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Water is still in the mid 40s.


Throw soft plastics on jig heads


Yes, the salad sucks especially after a blow has stirred it up.

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I’m visiting CT for a few days. Any suggestions on where to focus schoolie efforts in the Guilford/Madison/Clinton area — backwaters, outflows or open beach?  Put in a few hours at an outflow this morning and got the skunk.  Thanks.

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Tried again Saturday at the same spot, similar time, outgoing tide. Tried plastics, bucktails, and topwater again without any joy. Did get flashed by one fish that got within about 3 feet of me, over the groin I was wading on, before it got spooked and turned.


Tried again tonight at a different spot where a creek empties onto a flat. Got there as the tide turned outgoing.

Waded out along a channel edge, tossing small spooks, bucktails, plastic eels and shad. No joy.

Got pretty far as I discovered that the flats run out a few hundred yards.

Was about to give up. Took a cast in the direction opposite the channel. 

Something whacked my little spook as I started my retrieve. Much to my surprise it started stripping line off my reel on short runs.

I fought it carefully and brought it in slowly. It was a decent schoolie,  about 24 inches. My first of 2021.

That was the first of 5 fish, all on topwater plugs, the biggest 27".

I did swap to a plastic swim tail at one point but that got hung up almost immediately - I spent 5 minutes wading in a circle to get an angle to free it.

I went back to topwater plugs after that and got my last two fish of the evening.

I might have been able to get a few more but just about then I noticed my feet were freezing. 

Happy and tired I headed back to shore.

Next time I'll wear heavier socks :-)




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