Parking Meters On Revere Beach

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14 hours ago, Z0rb0 said:

Town is giving the permits to residents at no cost (though I don’t like the idea of meters at all, either). I’ve lived here now for a few years - it’s quite nice for the most part, actually. I will give the DCR credit for keeping the sand clean daily.  Before I moved here I had heard nothing but bad things - sort of happy it still has that reputation, because most of the time I have the beach to myself when I fish.



I will give credit where it is due, and since I haven't been there is years, I can only hope they can maintain the quality you describe.

Yeah, it is nice when "rumors" taint people's view of a place to the point where you aren't "mugged" (fishing term, not criminal) when you go fishing at a particular spot.

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DCR's getting a lot of backlash and criticism on this. According to a local tv news report, they finally had to back off and are now going to offer "some" unmetered parking to residents. And a state legislator filed a bill to prevent any meter funds from going to the dcr specifically, basically denying them any profit motive. A neighborhood association said theres been zero community outreach from the dcr on the proposed metering.


Sounds about right. :dismay:

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