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Back in the day i was told if u see a seal go home. And I don't remember ever catching fish with seals or a seal around.. however in the past few years the seal population has exploded on long island and there were multiple times last fall where I'd be in the middle of a huge blitz everyone on the beach hooking up and then you'd see a seal or 2 right in the middle of the blitz with fishing busting all around it almost unphased by the seals presence .. so these days I try to avoid the seals but I certainly won't "go home" or switch spots immediately cause of them 

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In the harbor there are many seals and pups, Have lost a fish to stripers, but never had to leave to catch fish. Some hang around on shore or on boats to see if you throw bait away. I have a bigger problem with dogs grabbing my fly on back casts on certain beaches,

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10 hours ago, DeepBlue85 said:

There's a video by Peter laurelli where he chronicles his fly fishing in and around the northeast.  In one of his fantastically well done pieces that I wish he would continue......

an overhead of a seal running the gently sloping sand flats of what I presume to be the cape you can clearly see the behavior of striped bass in the presence of a feeding seal and what they do is unexpected.  


In the video, as the seal runs down the beach, the entire school of bass, hundreds thick, dispersed as the seal approached and then took chase immediately on the rear of the seal.




 One by one by 10 by 50 fish followed in tow of the seal and it expressed to me two things.   Schooling behind the feeding seal, the bass were both avoiding the business end of the seal's appetite and also picking off the scraps as it fed and so, a symbiotic relationship became more apparent to me than I ever imagined.  I'd imagine this scenario is case sensitive but none the less telling in the dynamic nature of what we can only see from shore and what may actually be happening.


You'd be surprised how little we as shore bound anglers actually know of the natural world without a desire to seek further....

Wow I have experienced exactly this.  Also, depending on how fast the seal moves by, bass can regroup after a few minutes depending on type of bait around.  I used to think seals were very bad, but I'm moving to being more neutral about them.         

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