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Picked this up a couple of weeks ago from an awesome member here on the bst. Been pouring over old posts here and elsewhere trying to figure out who could of built it. It could be a very well built homemade but idk. My only guess is the member stripercrazy here, and that’s just going by shape...comparing it to some of his in the winter pikie build thread. The big bulging glass eyes are really throwing me off. She’s a chubby pikie 1&3/4” at the thickest section and 7/8” at the tail. 7&1/2” long and 4oz fully rigged.  I put a BM cowboy next to it for comparison. 









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14 hours ago, stripercrazy said:

Not one of mine it’s a good looking pikie, not the eyes I’ve used. I’m lazy I don’t use hook Grommets too    

Ok cool. Thanks for chiming in. The eyes are certainly unique. 

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2 hours ago, Steel Pulse said:

Bassmaster, Manzi,  maybe 

That would be a nice surprise. I couldn’t find many pictures of his pikies, but the ones I did come across didn’t look close. 

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