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With the possible exception of baseball, more great writers have waxed poetic, nostalgic, and impressionistic about fishing than about any other pastime. (Get that golf crap out of here.) Not talking about writers like McPhee, et al., who have written brilliant non-fiction books, articles, and essays on angling, but novelists and short story writers. Maybe because I first encountered it at the EXACT right time in life, I think the single greatest, most moving fictional depiction is that amazing chapter and a half right smack in the middle of The Sun Also Rises when Jake, Bill, and the Englishman, Harris, are in Spain for a few days, escaping the craziness of their Jazz Age lives by fishing, drinking, playing bridge at night, fishing, drinking, and fishing... and healing. (I don't really think of The Old Man and the Sea as fiction, so much as one of the very few genuine modern myths.) Anyway, what's your pick for the best fiction about fishing? McGuane? Maclean? Brautigan? Harrison? Someone else? 

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Robert Ruark- among his best were The Old Man and the Boy and some others, Honey badger, Uhuru, Poor No More, The Old man Boy Grows Older etc. . gained notoriety writing newspaper and magazine articles in DC in the 30's and 40's. And if you want to read an entertaining fictional book about Striped Bass and how they affect the folks chasing them, try Shining Tides by Win Brooks, a 1950 novel that many have enjoyed through the years.

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