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Currently out of the country for a few months and have a friend buliding me one of the 8'6" two piece century weapons. Those of you who have one, or have seen a friends, what reels did y'all pair them with and how did they balance out? 90 pecent of it's life it will have a 2 oz bucktail tied on to it to throw at visible cobia so i'm not concerned with being able to eek out every single yard on a cast. Nor am i super concerned about needing hundreds upon hundreds of yards of high test braid. Just looking for what worked for you weight/balance/feel wise and what you were using it for.. I hate to ask questions like this as I'd typically buy, sell, and trade my way around until i found what I liked. Unfortunately that's not an option and i would like to come to a top three pics by the time I get home so i can already have some options delivered to the house by mid summer. 

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