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Bottom paint protective gear?

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5 hours ago, nightfighter said:

That looks like hard paint to me. And looks like what mine looked like when I bought it. Worth every dollar to have it soda blasted followed by epoxy base. Red tell coat and two black topcoats. And just had to touch up waterline for the most part over ten years. Buy the best paint you can afford...



I gained about a knot at cruise after having mine done

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On 3/16/2021 at 11:58 AM, NHAngler said:

As I get older I realize all the stuff I have breathed in over the years and becoming more cautious. With the pandemic, I have SOOO many masks, I have no reason to not wear one when painting boats, sanding anything, using cleaners, etc. I even wear one when I'm dropping a #2Z. 

Still remember when I was young--teens and 20s kind of young--and knew nothing could kill me, and how I laughed after sanding the bottom when I was spitting blue spit and snorting blue snot laced thick with dust from tributyl tin.  Back then, we had no idea how bad that stuff was.


Now, I wonder whether such casual idiocy had any long-term effects, and let the marina paint the bottom.  Hope nothing turns up five or ten years from now,


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