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 Definitely get and follow the advice you get, and I would add: consider getting some kits which will (a) give you insight to how/why plugs are built and work the way they do (b) give immediate practice opportunity in assembling, wiring, painting, and top coating.


We all have opinions on the most important aspects, mine is: I want plugs that swim a certain way for certain conditions. The prettiest plug in the world that topples on the cast and porpoises on the retrieve is of little value to me. But there's also nothing wrong with learning how to make pretty plugs while still working on design elements.


Good luck and consider turning back now!

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I found it’s a balance between the minimum to get started, and the minimum to do things in a precise enough manner for your liking.  For example, you can get away with a handheld power drill, but a drill press will allow you to be more precise and replicate things like eyes more accurately.  

I think Craigslist/fbook marketplace is the way to go.  Tabletop versions of everything unless you have a shop already set up.  Mini or midi lathe with a drill chuck, drill, bandsaw.  Low speed grinder to sharpen your tools.  I use a belt sander a lot more than I would have thought but you can get by without it with some elbow grease.  Learn to make jigs and you can do pretty much anything you want with those tools and some ingenuity.


I almost forgot - a respirator.  Lots of guys here with waaaay more experience than me but that’s my 2 cents 

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