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Carp Fishing? who does or did?


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I've been bitten by the ways of carp fishing 

Been at it only for a month now

They have just started to get into spawning here so I guess I need to give them a week or so before I start trying for them 

Gives me an excuse to start stocking up on end tackle and baits I guess.


Never thought I would ever get into carp fishing but I am really loving it. It's a grind at times and I have gone days with nothing to show or getting that one bite only to have it come unbuttoned but when you do land that one to break the ice it's so rewarding.

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My youngest son, 11, and I had our best day of the year today. We had a camp site at a state park with a small lake. We had a lakefront site that we could fish from. Yesterday there were 100 or so paddleboarders and kayakers.  We were across the lake from the beach, and the screaming never stopped until sunset, then the loud music continued until late. We only caught a bluegill yesterday. 

Today, it rained a little, and the crowds were gone. I only saw a few kayakers today. From 7 until 4 we caught over a dozen carp. Only three were under 10 lbs. The biggest was my son's 18 lb, my 16, and a couple 14's.

We used two 42 oz cans of oatmeal, 4 cans of corn, jello and koolaid. by the end, I was re-hydrating the Gulp corn shriveled up in my box and making pack bait with just oats and ketchup.  It all worked today.


Fishing at the campsite was big for us. We could make burgers and hear the clickers. If my son got bored, he could mess around at the site. 

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good news is, first carp of the year on the fly, 26" fat strong fish. Also a bonus bass, took the fly when I cast to a carp which ignored me, then the bass darted in and grabbed it, very nice.. 


bad news, broke the tip of the fly rod while floundering about landing the carp.. boo. 
This is a split-cane rod made by Sharpes of Aberdeen, my favorite cane rod. There is a second tip luckily. 

Reel is a Kalamazoo Empress, with a surprisingly effective drag, from the 1940s.. 







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