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upon us as we begin to look for signs of spring . like the bulbs popping in the yard as each day warms , the last melting of the snow and with out question all of the fishing sales that soon will be upon us all. AS we mentally begin to change our thoughts more and more towards when will the first flounder will caught, the first striped bass or the first sea bass and or blue fish . Is all of our gear ready to rock and roll. The reels all lubed up and bearings oiled up. Have all of the broken guides on our rods been repaired. Have we changed all of the hooks out that need to be replaced on our plugs. Have we drawn out the line from our reels and checked it for any bad spots. Did we take care of any of the leaks we let go from last year in our boots or waders? How about making a call to your fishing buddy to see if he or she is ok.    Are we going to be ready with the new regulations and circle hooks if we use bait ? It is also time to recall some of those who worked in the local shops that helped a lot of folks during the years like Bunny DiPietro , Bob Dunbar,Stan Daggot ,Bill Chase,Ken Luce , From Red Top Fame.    Gary Kenny, [still with us] Bill Thomas,  Russell Delino from Cape Cod Charlies . So many more I thought it would be nice to have some of those posting here recall a shop and those that worked in it and  perhaps put up a list of your own . If you know them to be alive indicate it .

I would be remiss if I did not mention seeing the first herring in a run is just a blast to observe the life cycle of herring once again , means I an still alive and counting the years from when it all began so many years ago for me I can put a time to it when I first became a Boy Scout in Roxbury and the troop hikes down Blue Hill Avenue to Mattapan Square to watch the first herring of the year in the river as it goes under the road, the same river that smelt also once traveled. 1944, such a short time ago. My eyes have seen so many different runs over the years in so many places and to this day the joy is no less then when I first began .


The local tackle shops are the central place where sharing is a common occurrence, where challenges are brought out and competition can be friendly or not. Where you learn what good service is like and is not. It is not always the price of the item you purchase, but do they stand behind what they sell you and make good when things goes bad /    Does the shop exude a friendly atmosphere, can you bring in your children like it is an old family friend and they are not subjected to foul language and such? Is it time to try another shop this year for comparison for what ever reason?   Peace and Prayers    

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march may also be a good time to look into obtaining your 2021 fresh and salt water permits  Call 617 626 1520 Remember that if you are 60 and older your salt water permit is free if you are 70 and over your fresh water permit is free. Peace and Prayers

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While we are at getting prepared one thing we often did when we fished the beach hard was make up and change out our first aid Kit with new stock. make sure that we had replaced the cutting tool we often would use if some one became impaled on a hook with a fish attach . During the years the strength of the hooks increased and you needed a different cutting tool to safely cut the hook and or barb off so that you could back it out/ Keep in mind should this happen to you and the hook is in the tendon , go to the emergency room to have it removed and get a tetanus shot .

Another reminder may be to sharpen all of your knives you use and clean them all up with bleach and water after you get them to where you want them to be. A dull knife is not a safe tool as apposed to a sharp one.   

If you have problems with your shoulders and or elbows do a little preparatory work with some rubber bands or light weights to bring them back up to pain free use. Do both arms together and work in the lower body if you plan on lifting any fish. 

Long nose pliers make for good hook removal , but often they rust up . Pull them out and get full openness by cleaning them up with some rust remover and wd 40 . Using vegetable oil on them will often help keep them movable for some time . Peace and Prayers 

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