Germany Feb. 28th. 2021

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Another week with different conditions.
The heatwave had passed, this morning weather was chilly ... it was actually freezing.
I opted for a late start and went out when the temperature was just above freezing as
I hated deicing guides all the time.
The skies where clear and blue ... in the city, as soon as I entered the farmland
low clouds and fog rolled in.


Another change from last week was the fact that the water in the stream had 

dropped 8 inches and was a lot clearer.
The good spot from last week was worthless, tried everything but could only
muster a tiny dace on the squirminator.
The plus side was that I noticed the first small mayfly plus a rising fish.


A spot in the forest yielded more dace with the largest one of the day.
Fishing was slow, to cold during the night I figure.

Trout season starts March 16th. so I hope they toss in a few stockies for 

some more action.


















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Plenty of roe deer on my route to the water. There are a few places where I always spot them. Spotted one last year that was almost black. See them sometimes at the stream but I am not stealthy enough to get close.

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At the pub they make some good soup of the so called white gold.

Had a talk with the landlord of the pub on one of my last outings. They still survive the lockdown for now but if this continues and they keep everything shut down during the summer than many pubs and hotels will be gone forever.

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