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Ive been meaning to do this for a year at least, just keeps escaping my Walnut sized brain.

A quick comment or review of anything related to foodie.  A good spot for making mention of a gadget, or a new brand of whatever-canned olives-or a grocery chain that did you right-or wrong.


Stuff thats always nice to hear about, or learn, that doesnt really garner an entire thread.


I know it is something I would follow and read.


As such I will start.  For Boston area, RI NH as well, maybe more.



Andouille Sausage.  I an area full of great sausage/smoked meat makers, I found a few Andouille sausages.  None were right.  They were all hot.  Not too hot to eat, but hot enough to wreck dishes made with them.  Real coonass Andouille is very herby, very fatty, but just a touch of heat.



Gaspars Sausage, Dartmouth MA.  You can find their products in lots of stores.  THEIR Andouille is the right flavor and texture (for a store bought mass produced product mind you)  mild smoke.  Good stuff.


And there you have it, the quickie review.  And you can add on, or you can offer your own, whatever.

I hope this one works. It just seems like what I would like to read, maybe you too.

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