can i fish spoons for panfish when most others use bait

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I always bring too much stuff with me, no matter what I fish for.  You want variety, you never know what they'll hit.  All the above offerings are great. One lure nobody has mentioned is the Zman "flash back", which is a miniature chatterbait.  Those things are deadly.  Just make sure you have other small soft plastics on hand because the ones that come with them in the package don't last long.


I also hold high confidence in inline spinners.  Plus my largest rainbow was caught on a gold kastmaster.  Variety pays off.


Regarding bobbers spooking fish, don't overthink it.  Most panfish will return to the spot they were at, and they'll take a swipe at virtually anything small enough. Acorns and pine cones fall in the water all the time.

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For the LMB, have you tried a texas rigged weightless Senko? In a shallowish pond there is no need to add the weight IMO.


If not, grab a pack of 5" green pumpkin Senkos (with or without the chartreuse tail) and some 3/0 EWG hooks. Owner makes a nice one that has a little screw at the top that makes it very easy to rig up.


Toss it out there and let is sink, then work it back nice and slow. In the same types of ponds here I'll get strikes the second it hits the water.

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