The dumbest stuff I've done on Fishing Kayak

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16 hours ago, semperfish88 said:

Launched off a beach the day before a hurricane.... pretty Big surf, but timed the sets perfectly, slid down the pebble beach into the incoming wave and quickly paddled out between the sets..,made it out and back just fine... ( immediately grew an irrational Sence of abilitiy). Launched off the same spot 2 days after the same hurricane... Huge surf... almost left,,,but then (stupidly) ended up talking myself into trying anyway ... had it timed perfectly.,., but then while attempting the”slide” I got stuck on some seeweed on the beach 3/4 of the way down... had to make a split second choice ... jump out of the kayak and attempt to pull the Yak, full of gear, back up the steep pebble beach before getting destroyed by an incoming 8’r ... ooor ... push off again and paddle like my life depended on it to beat the incoming wall of water..... needless to say,  I (once again) chose poorly.... and now I have a pretty Gnarly scar to show my kids why you DONT temp fate...

That was one thing I never did well. Getting out was always fine for me. But, getting back in is another story entirely. One time I thought the surf was to big to go out in. Thought surfing the waves would still be fun. Took out the drive and lifted rudder. I thought I was doing good and a 10' wave picked me up and dumped me. The kayak hit me in the head . Don't know if I would ever be doing that with expensive gear in tow.

    I usually launch out of a bay so I don't have to deal with the surf.





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