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Really IMPORTANT!!!! Any DEP officals out there?

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This has been bothering me for awhile now. I know of this person who has been poaching fish in the state of MA now for about 5 years. I know this is a salt water forum but I thought it would get the most posts out of this. He fishes freshwater for trout and catches a good amount of them, a REALLY good amount of them. On many occactions he catches up to 200 trout over a span of 3 days. Hes at the point where I think it is almost like a sickness. Hes done this with deer as well, not put tags on them or hunt on land hes not sopuse to. The whole deal. But I think it is time for all this to stop. The big thing is though I dunno how. Is ANY1 a DEP offical or know sumbody I can contact about this? Is there a hot line for ppl who poach fish in MA. I kno CT has one so I would think they should to. The time has come.......


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The laws/fishing quotas are put there for a reason and should be followed smile.gif


This is the only information i could find out for the Mass. Inland Enforcment Bureau.


Contact: Major Roger Arduini, Inland Enforcement Bureau Chief

Email Address:

Inland Enforcement Bureau

183 Milk Street

Westboro, MA 01581


Phone: (508) 366-6537 or (508) 366-6420

Fax: (508) 792-7437


Hope this helps.



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Most States will have a Fish and Game agency. Sometimes that may be part of a State's DEP, sometimes it is in a separate offich such a department of natural resources. I suspect you can probably find a contact through the internet. Thats what I did when someone was burning tires near a friend of mine's house.


Best of luck. Tom

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