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Alaskan kayak halibut video !!

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I just watched this video, which was about 10 minutes long before I edited it down to just over a minute.    This was from a kayak fishing trip in Alaska in Sept.  of 2011.....We were taken on a boat out of Ketchikan and the guide had a camp set up about 3 hours south of Ketchikan.   All the tents and large cooking tent was set up for us when we got there and it was an amazing 6 days of catching, drinking and eating.


This was the largest halibut of close to 100 landed in the week along with plenty of ling cod, salmon and every other species around.    I didn't catch this one but I was taking the video...sorry for the upside down camera work for a few seconds,  but trying to not get in the way and trying to paddle with the camera in my mouth......well,  you understand !!  LOL


My friends laughing after the halibut was in the kayak is worth watching the video.......all the large halibut were released and we usually only kept one or two small fish each day that would just be enough for dinner.



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23 hours ago, cheech said:

Dan, That looks like fun, how much does a doormat like that weigh? What were the Sept. air and water temps like in Alaska?

We estimated that one to be close to 100 lbs.  The temps were in the mid 50's most days for the two trips to Alaska I have been on....both trips were late August and early September..guessing the water temps were about the same.

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1 min ago, BillZ said:

Nice :th:


Its hard enough managing a fluke flopping around in the cock pit  :shock:


whatdaya do to tame a beast like that, club em?

We didn't keep anything that was that big,  because we didn't have access to any ice.....so we just kept the smaller ones that was enough for lunch and dinner...but, yes.....even the smaller ones had to be "clubbed"  after being gaffed......but everyone landed was an adventure !!  LOL

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