My pre-emptive LPE, rambling thoughts..... just in case

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Recently (Very)  found out I am stage 4 for a rare neuroendochrinal cancer that has metastasized from my esophagus pretty extensively to my liver and my bones. 


Started treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering and now wrapping up my first chemo treatment this weekend.

Radiation on Monday to treat my right femur.


By the way ... MSK deserves the reputation they have.  Truly amazing people.  I mean, they can't cure this but they rallied together a team of pros to treat and do as much as they can for me and did it so quickly.  They are amazing.   I'm sure the bill will be too though.  ;)

I do hope I get to live long enough to see the collapse of modern political discourse in the United States.  Hopefully not with violence, but with some kind of enlightenment period the country can look back at with pride. 

I'm not sure how this current mess ends, but the political climate that exists today is a dumpster fire.  Immaturity has no age or education limit.   


So if I die soon, try not to throw gas on the fire after I'm gone.  just start ignoring the stupid.   My family is properly armed and appropriately distrustful in case you asshats lose control of this whole civilization idea 


This is a great country with the best and brightest people in history, but for whatever reason the dumbest, least mature and loudest are leading the conversation now and they continue to believe they want to be heard from because I guess enough dummies are out there to encourage them.  I blame politicians, and the social media billionaires Dorsey and Zuck.   Those 2 suckholes are the biggest cancer there is on civilization and they have metastasized across the globe.



The left is way too impressed with themselves and their moral superiority and they really can just be nasty and awfully dishonest people.  Tons of good people though too with excellent intentions, but they really need to get over themselves a bit.


The right is afraid to embrace their own principles and too afraid to confront the uneducated trailer trash that leads the conversations on the right today.  They are in a conundrum because the left insists they abandon their principles in order to confront the trash.  It doesn't have to work that way.  

Anyway.. figure I would be preemptive with my LPE.  This isn't my LPE, but I'm not sure a goodbye will be my priority when the time comes. So if I just stop posting... I gone.


But for now.... feeling good, with the exception of needing a cane to walk.  If that continues, I do plan to upgrade from the Walgreens dork stick to something a bit more stylish.


Just so you know.. I dont plan to go, but this disease is moving fast.  


I still haven't got my 50lb bass and I bought a brand new ODM rod and a Penn SlammerIII over the winter so I still plan to use those.

And finally for the jackasses.... I don't have a question unless one of you knows how to cure cancer.   Joe Biden was tasked with the job as VP by Barack (Peace be upon him), but I guess he forgot.  Maybe he will put Kamala on it.


Happy to answer questions though..  I hear facing the end gives you wisdom (or at the very least brutal honesty).....otherwise I just figured I would let folks know. 



For those that saw this and thought "I ain't reading all that".  Short version below:


Im dying and wish you well.


By the way... im mostly incognito on here.   I know a ton of people in life and through work.   Some of you know me there too.   If you are reading this please don't tell others that I may know that you read this here.  


Keep this an SOL insider conversation. 


I never intended to connect my real world connections with the people I know here.  You know as a conservative you can't actually be honest online and keep your job and even some friends.   I kept them separate and secret so I can keep it honest. (How ****ed up is that?)


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Tears in my eyes, peace be with you and we hope to hear you contribute more here in the future. 

As for the country, I fear your desire for a peaceful period of enlightenment is not likely. Short of an alien invasion, I am not sure what could unite such fractured and factionalized tribes at this point. 

But we’ve got this, focus on your situation, family and spirit. 



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Jim sorry to hear this. I pray that God gives you comfort in this battle and eases your suffering through the process. May He embrace your family in His loving arms during this battle.

It's a courageous thing you've done sharing this with the SOL family here. Although many of us here have never met in person, regardless of our differences, we all share the joys....and the burdens of life vicariously through a common ground. To fish.

Fight the good fight brother. We're pulling for you. :grouphug:

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27 mins ago, JimG said:

And finally for the jackasses.... I don't have a question unless one of you knows how to cure cancer. 


Read the whole thing and I'm choked up but this made me lol.


Wish you the best / thoughts are with you & keep up the good fight !

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Damn Jim, this is terrible news.

On the plus side, Cancer can be beat. It will beat the hell out of you doing it, and you have to be strong, but it can be done. I have faith you will do your best. Best of luck. 

My advice is to drop every bit of sugar and carbs from your diet. Cancer feeds on sugar. Look how they do your scans. They starve you for 12 hours, feed you sugar water with radioactive dye, and stick you in front of a screen where the tumors glow from sucking the sugar water dye from your blood almost immediately. 

Ask your dr about it. 

What were your symptoms that led you to seek medical attention?

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Oh, GDit, Jim. I am sorry to hear this.  Truly.  Doesn’t matter that we’ve never met.  I wish you the best.  GDit.


You’ve always been one of the best voices here, AND you may have just written the finest post, ever.

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