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OK in an attempt to downsize I am letting go of some gems. No bargains here so if that's what you're looking for try Dick's dollar bin. I think all prices are fair and include shipping.


Big Don's dark blue 2.5 oz swimmer (sweet nighttime plug) - $35 (SOLD)

Big Don's Donnie (tough to find these anymore) - $50 (SOLD)

Afterhours small swimmer - $32 (SOLD)

Afterhours lobster needle - $35

Afterhours 3 oz darter - $50

Winch Fat Cigar - $38

Winch white/pink belly slim pikie - $38

Winch handcarved chickenscratch or schoolbus (you tell me) swimmer - $50

DMag parrot swimmer - $55 (SOLD)

Lefty pink and white glitter - $85

RM Smith Halloween nightmare (such a cool mantle piece) - $125 (SOLD)

Don Musso bottle - $110

Black Talon Glider dark bunker - $150

Black Talon herring A40 - $90










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43 mins ago, Craigsheridan said:

45 for the Chickenscratch (or schoolbus) hand carved? 

Thanks for the offer but with shipping and paypal fees I'm sticking at 50. I don't know the last time Chris did handcarves but they are probably the hardest to find of his plugs.

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