YGK G Soul Upgrade x-8

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For once a PE line that lives up to the hype and the price and accurately rated in strength and diameter: S/W is very high



I got very close to the listed breaking strength and the listed diameter for once is not an exaggeration. Most manufacturer tends to list a much thinner diameter than the line actually is.


For the PE 1.5:

ABS 29.00, 29.50 = 29.25 (advertised as 30 lbs)

Line Mass 11mg/ft ----> line diameter .23 mm vs .21 listed

S/W = 2.66 which is very high

PR knot = 27/29.25 = 93%

FG knot = 20/29.25 = 69%

Double overhand Palomar to Swivel is about only 50%

Bimini Knot > 70% (my 30 turns slipped around 70%)


For the PE 2.0

ABS 36.5 , 38.00 = 37.25 lbs (40 lbs listed)

Line Mass 15.4 mg/ft ----> .27mm vs .235mm listed

S/W = 2.42


I can't tie an FG or PR knot worth a damn with this line. Ran out of line before I could do more tests.

FG = 20 lb

Relix = 25 lbs

PR knot = 25 lbs.


Ran out of line before I could do more knot tests.


Could the mod fix the spelling for soul?

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