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I recently had to take one of my Saltist 4500 for rework a bearing  noise and lube job. I took the reel to North Chatham Outfitters in North Chatham and explained what i would like to get done Spoke with Nice young Man that goes by the name of Matt. Keeping in mind the reel I turned in was just a saltist 4500 . I receive a call a few week ago that upon taking apart the reel that it broke and they were in the process of having Daiwa sending a new reel to the shop. Well yesterday I got back a call that the new reel was in the shop , so I take a ride down cape to pick it up. On the box is the cost of shipping and I am told by Matt that he had determined that the fault of the reel breaking was a factory flaw. and that the only cost for me was that charge. In the box is the latest Mag sealed 4500 , my line from the old reel transferred to the new spool . What really amazed me was that in the bag was the other reel and asked him what he planned to do with it and he tells me it is yours carl to do what ever you want. Since I have another one like the older 4500 that will work out great should I need some parts. Upon getting home I notice that the new MagDrag Mag sealed real has a much better handle arrangement along with some other improvements I will have to look into further. The cost to me was only the priCe of shipping and some gas to get back and forth and as I post this I ask Who Does This Any More. For me it is great to be dealing with an honest shop and I wish the staff and ownership all well for this service. Peace and Prayers

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Not to forget Frannie,Dana,& Ben.Always a smile and very helpful no matter your experience level.Barbara brought her great grandson [4] in yesterday to show Matt the flies he's tying in my shop at home.When he got back to the house he was so excited about how he was treated and encouraged buy Matt and Dana.All he wanted to do was tie more and of course drink out of HIS new Yeti flytying mug that Barbara bought for him.The little guy is hooked!

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