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The Hudson started calling me today :drool:, first trip was on 2-23 last year. Next week  the ice will be broke figuratively, and possibly literally.3A2CD613-4B79-49DF-9133-85C788AFC682.jpeg.ef08e3f25d662ffcba8218bf7c5f6c66.jpeg

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Ever since I became a heart patient the Winter water temps scares the crap out of me.

I hope that if you go ....you are dressed for it.

I used to go for a paddle on lakes and ponds before my first heart attack with 

waders, dry top and belt....that doesn't fly anymore after my major artery stent operation. 

I survived death once....not gonna force it again. 


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I have paddled in the Arctic , paddled many  miles of the east coast of Canada, the North Shore of the Saint Lawrence River, sections of Alaska's coast and before my second hip replacement could roll my boat under most any conditions, but  would not do what is depicted in the photo above. For years I held an ACA Open Water Sea Kayaking Instructor Certification and also taken many BCU courses as well. I  put this all out there not to pat myself on the back but to try help all the paddlers out there understand how serious cold weather paddling is.

To paddle in cold water alone is foolish and dangerous. Two paddlers with the right equipment and with the right skills is a must three paddlers much better. I get real tired of reading about fisherman dying in cold water do to lack of common sense, appropriate skills, and proper equipment.  It is like playing kayak roulette and when it catches up to you it affects others in ways we often don't realize. When these people leave the shore they don't stop to consider the people involved in search and rescue who are often are asked to search in hostile weather and risking their own safety in the process. Using common sense, learning and practicing the skills , knowledge, and equipment is the only way to do this safely kayaking and fishing in cold water conditions. When the time comes to use these skills  it must be automatic,   learning on the job doesn't cut it here. So before you become a statistic take the necessary measures to paddle and fish safely ,acquire the skills and knowledge seek out a certified kayak instructor take classes with the ACA or BCU, I think most will find it will be an enjoyable journey.

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