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3 hours ago, Dumprdog said:

I remember when Terry Bradshaw was playing and folks said he was dumb as a turnip and couldn't play a lick (actually he called all his own plays) but ended up winning 4 Super Bowls. I'm not saying Jackson is a genius but this isn't rocket science nor does it call for the need to think about what's happening on any particular play, just react to the circumstances and make good decisions. The Ravens are better with him than without. I'm not a Raven fan but they certainly have my respect.

Most any team would benefit from his abilities. He could become a top quarterback if he learns recognize defenses, Most all new mobile quarterback today because of their athleticism and foot speed they are to be reckoned with. In alibiing, I meant for passing situations. Brady and Manning are tops being great with seeing defenses change before play so they could find the weak link. Just my 2 cents 

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On 1/20/2021 at 2:46 PM, HugeDinghy said:

Jumped the shark? 

pretty clear that his style is conducive to crazy regular season stats but not built for the playoffs? He’s a runner that can throw some, not a thrower that can run some. Huge difference. 

What say you? 


( too bad, seems like a good kid. Dumb as a bag of gamers, but a good kid)

Good kid right attitude. It’s the morons who said that we’d never seen anything like him and if you objected you were a racist.  Randall Cunningham Michael Vick and rg3 were just like Him.  I hope he succeeds 

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