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13 mins ago, Bob S. said:

How big will he/she get...Maia's mom was 80 lbs. hope she stays around that weight bc our other berner is 90 lbs. and she is a moose...

Charlotte's Mom was about 90#... her Daddy clocked in at 110#.  Char was the runt of the litter... but I don't know what that is going to look like in 6 months...  I am sending her to puppy boot camp in two weeks to get a little help on the basic commands but she is learning them real well right now.  No, Sit, and Come (when she feels like it) are pretty good but breaking her of pulling on the leash has been murder. 


She totally knows when she has pissed me off..... and when she makes a mess in the house she now knows that she has done something wrong from her body language and expression, but she is still occasionally letting a whiz go when she gets excited from playing or if we do not jump up the very second she makes even a head-fake to the front door and race her out.  Have been rewarding her outside with a treat for every whiz and dump like crazy and that helps for sure but man....when she takes a leak on my carpeted steps it's tough not to go nuts on her.


I am starting to think that I may have to lease a backhoe to follow me on walks when she gets full-sized!

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Was out playing golf for a good portion of Sunday. When I got home I reclined the bed up to relax for a sec and watch some TV. Someone wanted to make sure I didn't get away again.




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