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Alright, winter is just about upon us, so it's time to start thinking about kayak mods for the spring.


I want to hear the best mods for fly fishing in a kayak, even pictures if you want!


For me, I use a Next Lagoon 10 ft. I only use a milk crate in the back, but want to work on my yak to become a fly machine for the spring.


Let me know!



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If you like to stand and fish, I saw a YouTuber (search 'Kayak Hacks fly fishing from a kayak') create a stripping basket by modifying a small tarp to tuck into your belt (loosely, in case you take a tumble!) and then tied down to the front hatch area. This creates a smooth area to drop your line onto.  Seems to keep the line off the deck and out from under your feet/catching on anything. 

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I’m only a novice fly fisherman but these are some suggestions (not really mods) that helped me. I’ve never just brought a fly rod out in the salt so having a place to lay the other rods gave me the  ability to cast forward instead of just off the side. Keeping your fish finder and rod holders or whatever acsessories you have is nice too. It makes it much easier to land fish when one side of the boat is clear. This is also really helpful if you ever flip and need to get back in. I’m right handed so I keep the left side clear.

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As stated in the posts above, line management is one of the biggest issues when fly fishing from a kayak. After trying a few different ways to manage line, this one has made my time on the water so much better.

I have an Old Town Sportsman PDL 120 but I'm sure a similar setup can be achieved on most kayaks.




These are the parts I used and what I paid. I'm sure money can be saved with a little creativity - especially if you make your own stripping basket.


Mainstays 20.25 x 15.25 x 0.38 Inches Poly Cutting Board (Wally World) $13

Colorado XT Stripping Basket $55
2 Scotty Fishing 438 Gear-Head Track Adapters  $16 ea

2 Scotty #368 Universal Sounder Mount $20 ea

Navarre Kayak Fishing Kayak Handle Mount (Old Town kayaks only) $25



On the underside of the cutting board I attached one fish finder mount and stapled industrial velcro where the board would lay on the other fish finder mount. I also drilled a hole for a leash.




I used a handle mount to hold the other fish finder mount. This mount has the velcro and is used to support the weight of the board.



Since it only has velcro, the cutting board can be swung forward for paddling or if you need the space to land a fish.




I stapled a couple strips of velcro to the top of the cutting board.




I zip tied velcro to the underside of the stripping basket.





I stow it behind the seat when launching/landing.


Since people have different styles of fishing, this set up may not work for everyone. As I stated earlier, I had to try a few different ways before I found one that worked for me. I fish rivers in the California Delta so this may not work with the conditions some of you face in the salt.





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