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I believe I have a enough gear you could use.  I would

kindly ask for a meetup in the highlands or north Nj.  If so lemme know what cal. Works for you and what gear ya need.  
Ar supplies, factory Ammo, traditional archery gear.  


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I have a Mec Grabber shotgun shell reloader set up for 12 gauge with extra charge bars, extra powder bushings, powder & shot bottles, upgraded extra capacity automatic primer tray, extra misc., cover, plus various extra accessories, including all paperwork, reloading recipe book, several thousand wads, & several thousand once fired hulls. Remington STS, AA, Winchester etc.

I haven't reloaded in a while so this just sits. It may need a tune up though as I remember it would occasionally throw a light charge once in a while & I'm not mechanically inclined, otherwise works as it should. It's a progressive reloader which means it will throw a finished shell every pull of the handle




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