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This is eerie. I was just looking for a review of the Torque II spinner. I haven't seen one yet. Alan Hawk liked the first generation, has not reviewed the second. The most detailed discussion of the reel I found was a thread in the Main Forum, found by doing a DuckDuckGo search "Penn Torque II reel review."  I don't think Scoobydoo has done one of his reviews, either. 

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Even more eerie is a buddy of mine was just asking me about my 7500 yesterday so I pulled it out to check on it. I had a brain fart a while back and over tightened the bearing cover on one side (reverse thread ya big dummy!) and it broke the aluminum cap. Otherwise it’s held up well since I bought it. 

A few shots from the service check I did today, I actually flooded it with royal purple gear oil and gave it a few cranks before I drained most of it out. She’s too heavy for most striper fishing I do so I’m waiting for a chance to put some tuna on it





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On 11/21/2020 at 1:29 PM, Billcarson said:

I own a torque 5 first generation and wanted to find out what are the significant differences compared to the new models if any.  Thanks 

Biggest difference between them that I'm aware of is that the clutch housing is held on with two screws in the gen 2, it's integral to the body in the gen 1. Those two screws hold on the pinion and clutch, which in turn are the only thing keeping the rotor attached to the body.


I don't know about the gen 2 but I have had a ton of nut and bolt type issues with my gen 1 torques that necessitated modifications to get them to function properly.


If only Penn had made the clutch housing integral instead of separate on the gen 2, it would actually be better if not the same in every way.

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