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11 hours ago, makorider said:

If you get a kink in stainless, it work hardens and breaks.  Not so with monel, much more forgiving, and heavier per linear foot


And agree with the above...wire comes out as last resort when nothing else works as a day saver

Thanks for making some great points on the benefits of monel vs stainless wire, some of which I forgot from my technical education. Always stuck to the mantra if there was a kink in the SS wire to eliminate it. 

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On 11/19/2020 at 11:24 AM, FoliFish said:

Is lead core an option for bunker spoons?  

Back in my days working charters, the boat always had wire and lead core setups depending on the clientele and level of experience.  We either dragged umbrella rigs or snapped jigs in the rips around The Cape.  Never trolled bunker spoons.

They don't swing as well, and it's the swing that makes them effective.  Downriggers hamper the action, too.


I never cared for lead core in salt water.  I tried it for trolling plugs, and it more or less worked, but I still prefer wire, particularly when you need to get more than 30 or so feet down



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