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Here is an update to this thread with some time spent on the water with the pro tail eels. I haven't fished the paddle tails yet.


So far I've caught 1 on the 7 inch size but it was my biggest bass of the fall around 26" (which isn't saying much - I know). Yesterday they were hitting Ava's but I could not get a fish to hit the pro tail which I thought was strange considering it's a more realistic presentation. Water was slightly stained so maybe they needed the flash to help find it. 

I fished the 4" size a bit too with no luck. I'll bring out the paddle tails next time I get out. The 1.25oz size is smaller than I was expecting. The pro tail eels cast nice for plastics so I'm guessing the paddle tails will do the same.

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i have had great sucess with the 3.5 and 4 inch pro tail the last 3 seasons,along with the Gags 4 inch paddle tail on a zman 1oz head.The Hogies cast alittle further.Typically i get 20 to 30 fish on one before they fall apart.i either fish them like a bucktail,bouncing the bottom or swim them like a plug

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