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I have a Canon DSLR 60D that was hardly used (less than 1,000 shutters) then it just sat in my closet. I have receipts and boxes for everything. The package comes with the DSLR Body, 3 batteries, two chargers, 430EX Canon Flash, Canon 24-405mm L Lens, Sigma10-20MM Wide Lens, and Canon 50mm prime lens. It also comes with Polarizer for the L and the Sigma lens, side grip, and the camera bag.


I am looking to trade for, yes surf fishing gears. Bags, reels, rods, lures, plugs. Let me know what you have.


Or looking to get $800 for it. The L lens alone cost me $900.


Thank you!








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15 hours ago, Catchg22 said:

What kind of surf gear are you interested in?

Looking for rods between 10" and below @ moderate action. Van Staal vsx250 reel or the likes. Thanks for showing interest. Really appreciate it.


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This is a great price for everything considering that the 24-105mm holds its value and still is being sold at $1000+. I hope someone on here snatches this up quick.


I just went through selling all my Canon stuff a couple years ago. Here is some advice if you get no interest here.


You should be able to sell the lenses on the bay relatively easy. I would definitely sell the 24-105mm and sigma separately to get most money out of it. I would include the 50mm and the body as a kit. You can always check out KEH and see what they offer you for everything as last resort. GLWS

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