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I was trying to search what hooks to use on smiling bill bucktail molds. I’ve read you have to modify the mold for extra strong hooks for bass Because the one they recommend is not strong enough. Any info on how to modify the mold and what hooks would be used. Also which vise would anyone would recommend. Any photo would be great. 

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I don't like light wire hooks for stripe even though I do use some on my light lure setups , especially since I fish swift water and the fish can bend the hook when you are going for a drag up even on a small fish . I modified my do-it banana head molds for  eagleclaw 730 flipping jig hooks . They don't make that hook anymore and it sucked for hair jigs because the hooks would rust.= but worked fine on swim baits in fresh water.
  It's not hard to do if you have a dremel tool .Lay the hook you are going to use in the mold as close to the original old hook position as possible  and close the mold . Take a hammer , preferably with a plastic head and tap the mold . Do this 20 or so taps and then open the mold and you should have a shiny  dent on both sides of the mold halves.  Lightly dremel both sides along the shiny dent with a small cutter   and this will keep the hook in the center of the jig head, replace the hook and tap,tap again. About three re taps should get you to a closed mold. I have had the mold close up on a re tap so stop when that occurs .
Remember to take light cuts on each side, don't dig a ditch. I have retooled some molds that just the tapping did the trick and the mold would close on the new size hook .

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