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Need to upgrade my Hodgeman waders are good in the summer but last winter did not cut it. I layered up big time but still got very cold. Dry but cold. Recommendations for a durable pair for cold weather ?  Doing it all surf fishing, back bays, Delaware River...

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USA Waders makes a bog boot equipped wader 


I think you can still find muck booted simms. 


I think everything else is either neoprene or stocking foot relying on layering. 


Did a good amount of January steelheading in breathables... Just had to layer right 

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Compass makes a reasonable pair of neoprene boot foot waders. I’ve had a pair for two seasons now with just one glop of Aquaseal. I think they’re 2 or 3 mil thick. Mine have felt soles and they take 3/8” screws nicely. They’re as comfortable as neoprenes can be. Paid about $130. 
Also have a pair of 5mm Cabelas, they’re warmer but much heavier and cumbersome. Good for winter clamming and ducks but not too heavy for most fishing for me. 
Having your feet a bit loose in the boot will help with circulation. 

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