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1 hour ago, R.R. Bridge Fisher said:

looking for something better than the cheap green plastic ones HD and lowes sells 

Anyone using one they like?

Been using Scott's brand rotary Speedy Green spreader for years. Washed it out after every use. Still working fine. The new version has been downrated, in mega reviews, flimsiy, cannot support a full bag of fertilizer w/o tipping over, etc. Am glad I have my original Speedy Green Scott's spreader because, if not, looking at the replacement in HDepot, I'd be hesitant about purchasing this piece of low rated spreader. Maybe look for a "used" Speedy Green Toro spreader"? 

  For those who already have a Speedy Green spreader? I'd recommend cleaning it thoroughly after each lawn application to insure it lasts longer. The alternative, "upgrade". doesn't look good as far as its ratings.  

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I had the cheapos too. Never liked it's poor stability.  I have a Brinly 50lb spreader.  I don't recall what it cost but it was not cheap. I wanna say around $200, maybe more but I'm very pleased with it.  Big wheels and wide wheel base make the difference in stability.  Commercial quality.

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