Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

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16 mins ago, Sandflee said:

Put the bank on a Mudder....


Nasty here today

Belmont, as of 10 this morning, is planning to run in the slop. 

But Monmouth just cancelled. Which surprises me: there are a lot of people who are going to be sitting around and betting today.

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2 mins ago, Ditchbag said:

Happy Columbus day !!!!

Indigenous people lived here, Columbus did not even make it


eff him


takes credit for things like a typical Italian (Pasta noodles, they bit off the Chinese, Pizza was adapted off scallion pancakes from China as well, Tomato sauce from Mexico....) 

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How many other holidays will the "cancel culture" target for renaming?


Will they rename MLK day or Black Pride month to something more generic like "I know who my daddy is" day?

Or maybe "social, family and community responsibility month"?


This cancel culture on has any influence because the powers that are in charge are weak, spineless "waste-of-space" officials who want to win a popularity contest with morons and idiots.

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