Happy Colombus Day!

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Two books you should read:


The 4 Voyages of Colombus.


Admiral of the Ocean Sea


The Seond book is out of print but available on audible. It is the capstone of all Colombus research.

Hiward Zinn largely ignored this work because it destroyed his thesis that Colombus and other Europeans were clueless adventurers that wanted to enslave people.


Make sure you wish everyone a Happy Colombus Day.

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My paisan did alright.  Not a perfect human being but lots of guts and foresight.  Libs hate him not because of anything he did personally but because he spearheaded the Euro discovery and colonization of North and South America, which makes white, liberal snowflakes feel all guilty.  If you wish to replace Columbus Day with "Native American Day" or some such, please remember you are celebrating people who practiced slavery, human and child sacrifice, cannibalism and a very brutal imperialism against others of their own race.  Really, us white folks can't hold a candle to the brutality of people like the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas, not even mentioning other tribes who were brutal when Columbus and Co. got here.


Just more white, liberal guilt.


Liberalism is Leprosy...and we see it every day. 

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I salut all my Italian American friends, relatives and the great , hardworking Italians that help make America the great Nation it became and continues to be . Their contributions world wide should not go unrecognized . Despite Douche Bag De Blasio’s wife’s efforts to down play her contributions , a statue of Mother Cabrini will be unveiled today at Battery Park , overlooking The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island , a fitting tribute to a great Italian woman who helped countless unfortunates . I don’t have a drop of Italian blood in me , yet in my heart resides a little bit of Greaseball . Salut!

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8 mins ago, pakalolo said:

Sag Harbor school wants to erase Columbus Day and celebrate JUNETEENTH instead, whatever the *** that is

Shows how dumb Sag Harbor SD is, kids are out of school by Juneteenth! :D 

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phluck every single POS trying to change our American way of life.


I make it a point to still say:

Merry Christmas

Washington Redskins

Illegal Aliens

All Lives Matter





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From a poem, written more than 100 years ago, called "Scum of the Earth"


Genoese boy of the level brow,
Lad of the lustrous, dreamy eyes
A-stare at Manhattan's pinnacles now
In the first sweet shock of a hushed surprise;
Within your far-rapt seer's eyes
I catch the glow of the wild surmise
That played on the Santa Maria's prow
In that still gray dawn,
Four centuries gone,
When a world from the wave began to rise.
Oh, it's hard to foretell what high emprise
Is the goal that gleams
When Italy's dreams
Spread wing and sweep into the skies.
Caesar dreamed him a world ruled well;
Dante dreamed Heaven out of Hell;
Michaelangelo brought us there to dwell;
And you, are you of a different birth? --
You're only a "****", -- and "scum o' the earth"!
Good poem which mentions Greeks, Slavs, Italians and Jews who came to the USA in the last mass immigration around the turn of the last century.  And BTW, that would include my Mom and Dad.
Edited by Knight771

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