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Had small bluefish working on Bay Anchovies this afternoon. I found them and another guy joined in. The first place we stopped I saw him take 2. The fish moved down the beach and he took two more when we moved with the fish. I told him we are allowed 3 blues. He said but they are snappers. I said 3 bluefish. He returned 1 and quit fishing. I kept 3 and released a bunch more. Comments on both of our actions.

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The point of the limit is to reduce the number of fish you kill. Whether he kept 4 fish or kept 3 and threw 1 dead fish back, he killed 4 fish in both scenarios. 


Honestly, if you killed 4 bluefish before finding out the limit was 3, I think it is more ethical to just keep the 4 bluefish and "limit out" at 2 bluefish the next time you go fishing. Put the fish to use. I hate seeing a fish go to waste. 


You did good informing the other person on limits, and they also did good by listening to you. The last time I tried to do that they ignored me an proceeded to stuff a 15'' fluke into their cooler. I called DEC on them but the poacher dipped out too fast for them to come. 

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