Bail arm won’t stay tight

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I am having this issue with my cheaper reels (Fierce III, President XT) where after a season of heavy use, the bolts of the bail arm loosen. When I gently go to retighten, it feels like the threads are striped. Or the bolt is full tightened and not striped but are still loose. Now the bail will auto close mid cast sometimes. Is this from overuse of the auto feature? Is there a way to fix this?


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6 hours ago, fishing addict said:

Can you install a small washer under the screw head to essentially shorten your screw shank if it is bottoming out? 

You da man, worked like a charm. Didn’t think this would work at all but it did.

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If that washer ever becomes an issue you can remove it and instead try coiling a thin copper or thin gauge aluminum (or other thin soft metal wire) wire on the screw before reinstalling it.  Old car repair trick.  :)  It acts like a helicoil without the drilling.


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