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What was it?

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I was fishing a bayside beach near Ocean City, MD with a buddy the other night

After about 45 min he casted and was bitten off right as it hit the water.

We figured it was a bluefish

About 5 min later I was jigging my 5 3/4" Fin-S through the water and saw 2 little V wakes... one from the FinS, one from something following it.

As I got it to the shallows, I saw this 20-25" thing following the lure.

It was snapping up shiners as it went through the shallows


I called over my friend and he said it was called a pipefish.

The biggest he'd seen


Looking up pipefish, they look more like seahorses

I was thinking it was a huge needlefish (as a 2' needle had been caught off AI) but it had 2 pairs of fins underneath, one right by the gills, another about a foot back.


When I yelled to him, my friend asked what it was, and I said "I know it's not, but it looks like a gar"

It swam around the submerged trees and pilings for a while and it was still there when we left


Also saw a large shark or ray come through... made a huge wake and had fish running for their lives


Any idea?


He had quite a feast on those shiners...

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Good call, JD!






P.s. Johnny where'd you get that picture? I found the same one at another forum...


**link removed


[ 07-26-2004, 12:04 PM: Message edited by: TimS ]

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I just typed in houndfish on google. from your story there are not that many fish that are like gars around here so I had a feeling it was a houndfish.


gars are cool fish! I had an alligator gar in my tank....nasty sucker

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