Clintons Owe $2.5 Billion in Taxes - Judge Yells At Them For Hiding It

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Was it recorded through a closed door? Can't imagine the clintons EVER getting-even-criticized.


6 Billion disappeared when she was SOS.  Oh wellll.....


They did write off the 5.7% (yes 5.7%) of the the multi-hundreds of millions clinton global uh slush fund that was given to charity.


Do they get interest & penalties like people?

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And who’s paying the penalties not that it will matter to the clintons There not going to jail least make them do community service in a different place every day ...we wouldn’t want them to build a place and have them work in new place ...I mmean the real places with real homeless or battered women shelters.....and they clean the place not the counseling jobs 

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