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Pawpaw in law has a Komodo Joe and one of the brothers has a pellet smoker and while visiting I’ve been taking mental notes on their setups and have been getting ideas for upping my smoker game. I’m not going pellet or electric nor will I get an auto temp controller, but it was time to graduate to a smart thermometer. It was an impulse buy at Lowe’s while I was stocking up on more cowboy char, but man is this thing sweet. They had the fancy Weber 4 probe controller for 129, but I’m not spending that on a grilling doodad. However they had the iGrill mini for 49 and I figured why not. Game changer. I had her dialed in with meat on in about a half hour and I find myself checking the graph just because. 

The second thing I did that I’ll judge at the end of this shoulder is adding bricks to the main firebox. I was looking for soapstone to mimic what the Komodo and some pellet and wood stoves use to hold heat, but bricks were there and cheap so I picked a few up.

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Still in there. Jumped the stall with a good wrapping about 3 hours ago, but she’s taking her sweet time to get to the magic number. I got out of Bluetooth range and the grill dipped to about 180, so I refueled and got it back up to 230s and holding. I’ll give it another 30 and pull it to rest for 30 then see what I have. 

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I used to have those fancy electronic monitors, and found myself fiddling with stuff too much.

Now, I just spit on my finger, and touch the side of the grill. If the spit sizzles, temp is good to go. Hour and a half per pound, then check.

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