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Will Joe blame Trump if he can't control the virus?

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If Biden wins and people are dying because of the virus and he can't control it watch how he pivots and blames Trump. It's easy to be in Biden's position and say that he would have done such and such if he were in charge.  No one and I mean no one could have controlled this virus. Looks everyone knows that masks prevent the spread of the bug but walk some of the beaches on Cape Cod and you'll see people without masks all the time.

Also, notice how Biden runs up the stairs while boarding an aircraft to show that he's fit. His boss Obama used to do that.  FishHawk

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Yes, economy is all due to Biden-Obama


Virus response thus far is all Trump's fault


Biden-Harris virus failures will also be Trump's fault since Biden's plan is plagiarized from what Trump has already done or plans to do. 

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Wait till you see what his tax plans are . "Wealth transfer and estate taxes might see changes. In 2021, the estate-transfer tax exemption—the amount of assets that can be passed on to heirs free of estate taxes—could be lowered by a significant amount. There could also be an increase in estate tax rates as well as a possible repeal of the basis step-up heirs currently receive upon a donor’s death."

Sent to me by my investment plan. FishHawk

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