Trump Recovery and Continuation of US Growth

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Truly anazing how we were forced to shut diwn the economy. Market slumped and as I predicted back in May, we are on road to recovery.

While its true trade defecit expanded, that is a sign of a recovery and a return to growth.

Seeing lots of infrastructure indicators exploding off the bottom.

2021, the next Trump term will have incredible returns for all americans.

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Great my 201K wants to get beefy again. If it does well, I might try to retire early and find a new career. Like searching local waterways for lost objects using my side scan sonar aboard my new fishing boat I would need to buy. Why I bet I could go all day long looking for stuff and never get tired of it.

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I’m too chicken to get back in before the election.  Everything recovered before I got out, so I didn’t lose anything.  Well, not much.  But the swings make me nervous 6 years before final retirement.  And I don’t think anyone is even factoring In this new debt and what they’re going to do about it.


Man, if I could buy my final home right now I’d move on it.

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