What is Clinton's crime? "Say it's name !!! "

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Treason, accepting a bride, violating the Communication Security Act, destruction of government property, obstruction of justice, perjury the list goes on and on I just don’t have the legalese to name more.

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She may not technically guilty of a crime personally, but she is the one that directed everything from Destruction of Evidence to Obstruction of Justice.


Rico her whole entire cabal and hang them all.

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Illegal Campaign Finance



Spoliation of Evidence...

there's plenty without getting hyperbolic and using terms like Treason and Sedition, though a case could be made for Sedition, I just don't think it's necessary.

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She is waiting  to get the phone call that Durham wishes to ask her a few questions. Just to kind of clear some things up. She of course will refuse.



I sit back and ponder her role in everything. How it came to be that almost everything ugly we have seen in the last four years has been a result of her illegal activities. Consider this.


She was up to some kind of illegal activity in Libya. When the embassy in Benghazi was attacked by some of President osama’s ISIS buddies, naturally she could not send in assistance because it might reveal her activities. So she decided to let those men just die and get raped and tortured. We were left with the Baghazi scandal.


Then she gets called into Congress to testify about Benghazi. During the questioning she accidentally reveals her secret email server. Later the media celebrities proclaim her clean and pure and having bested the Republicans. 


Then she runs for president and this ridiculous email server thing keeps popping up in the news. She says there was just personal messages on it. Then she later admits there were work related messages on it. Then later she admits there were top secret messages on it. This becomes a problem for her.


Then she decides that there needs to be a distraction. So they cook up the story that Trump is a Russian secret agent.....and we have spent four years dealing with that crap.


All because the Clintons simply cannot be honest about anything, simply because they are up to their necks in illegal activities. Revelations about this might reveal that. They make hundreds of millions of dollars and half of the voters think it is fine because they are on their Democrat team.


Well I suppose that there is much to learn about the favorite family of Democrats. Much to learn. She was able to get osama to participate in her crimes and probably used that as leverage against him. He sent top secret email messages to her unsecured server, which is a crime everybody in government is warned about. He authorized illegal espionage to assist her political ambitions. I bet she has got something really good on him and she is not the only one that knows about it.


Recently we saw a former Herr Mueller brown shirt turn on the dream team and provide lurid insider details to Durham in exchange for leniency in sentencing. He admitted that during the Russia collusion investigation he in fact committed crimes. We have heard rumors that others have turned state’s evidence against the cabal as well. There might just be a really big revelation on the horizon. One that will turn everything upside down. I think Durham is in deep and the accusations will be so huge that he has to ensure everything is locked up tight, his Ts crossed and there is no room for anything accept plea arrangements.


Hillary might just be in huge legal jeopardy, and may actually get convicted and sentenced.

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