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I have a custom 13ft spinning rod here. (6-16oz 30-80lb line rating) The guides on it are quality Fuji guides. 11 guides total. The guides are not micro guides but there not huge neither.....


First picture... are the size of the first 5 guides starting from the rod tip down.

Second picture... are the size of guides at #6 #7 #8

Third picture.... are the size guides at #9 and #10

Last guide being the biggest guide at (#11)


My questions are about braid and shock leader:

1. Do you see a problem with 80lb braid <-- FG Knot--> to 130lb mono (Shock leader) passing through the guides? Or FG Knot damaging the Fuji guides?

2. Should I scale back to 65lb braid <--FG Knot--> to 100lb mono (Shock leader) for better knot clearance?

3. With a 13ft rod what is a good shock leader length?


Big blacktip sharks, sharks 8ft and under and tarpon are my current interest from the beach btw....


For now I will stick with braid to mono connection. I would like to advance and connect braid to braid for example 80lb braid to 200lb braid without the double uni knot. I need to find a slimmer knot connection. But that is for another day....









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There is no need to fish with 80lb braid targeting both tarpon and blacktips, I use 40lb powerpro but you could use 50 if you wanted to, I would keep fishing with 100lb mono for leader and have about 5-7 feet of it, if you're specifically targeting sharks add about 1 foot of #15 wire or coated cable, I would also avoid reeling through the guides to put less stress on the knot

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I bought some 7x7 coated wire for short leaders on my larger plugs I got the 7x7 AFW with coating.  It is labeled with a lb-test rating.  I chose 65lb because I was planning on using 30-50lb braid and 60lb flouro.  Is the 65lb coated wire strong enough to hold a small shark and is 6" long enough to provide protection for my larger plugs?  (6-7inch plugs)


My intention is not to go after sharks, but to have a plan in case the shark activity is high and my plugs start getting bitten off regularly at $10-20 a pop.  

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