How to Remove Blackened Substance Around Ferrule

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Anyone have an insights on what this blackened material is? It appears the ferrule might have been repaired or reseated but the workmanship is sloppy. This ugly black gunk Has spilled over on the wraps and is diminishing the aesthetics of this classic Harnell 625 rod. Sweet casting old school glass by the way and casts great even with this mess on the ferrule. If it is ferrule cement how careful must I be in heating it with a heat gun in an attempt to soften it and wick most of it up? Should the gun be on high or low ? Is there a danger of melting the blank if you are not super careful? What material might serve as a wick for liquid ferrule cement? Would Desoldering braided metal wicks work? 


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I might go in just the opposite direction first, attempting to avoid or at least minimize any Cat in the Hat effect. Go Cold, as cold as you can get it, Bag the end and (assuming you've no access to a freezer big enough) set the end in a salt / ice slurry for ten minutes, then place the rod flat on a folded towel, (to distribute support under the rod)  and go at the material with as sharp (dental pick, ice pick, awl) instrument as you have, and with the rod bedded in the towel, I'd be using both hands on the tool.  Re-cool the rod in the slurry often. 


Although it seems counterintuitive, my first attempts would be vertical (aimed at the center of the rod) and working the edges of the globs, trying to flake pieces off. I would try working this vertical approach first, concerned that working across the rod might result in globs which are flaked off might tear at the threads

The upside of going Cold first is.. you can always go Hot after, and what ever you were able to flake off while going Cold, will be that much less you need to "wick" up (when-if) you go Hot 


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You didn't say if you bought it this way.

Why not ask former owner?

Can you separate sections ?  Doesn't look as though you can.

Also looks as though thread used to re-wrap is too large - and under wraps!?!?!?

I would take the whole thing down and re-wrap with "00" thread without under wraps.


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I  bought it that way and  may be able to message the seller but might not. The sections can be separated but the ferrule is a tad loose and wax on the male ferrule works for awhile. In addition, online information says that model was eight feet but based on the guide spacing it looks as if it may have been broken and the ferrule reseated but it casts well despite the short spacing of the two guides on either side of the ferrule and it measures 8 feet.   Yes I know I could take it down and rewrap it but before I tackle that project, other more pressing complicated endeavors beckon, so I thought maybe I could win the lottery in  my subliminal optimistic mind and  find an easier solution . Thanks for your reply I am tying to message the seller now.

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