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YAY!  Love the countdown thread!   


Thank you for sharing the story with us.  I know when I was down your way and we met, we talked about some of it.  I am so happy that you both found each other and your love again.  May you enjoy a wonderful holiday season and life of happiness together!

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DG: God has blessed Sean and has taken him into his kingdom.  My $ says you all will spend eternal Christmas's together when God decides the time is perfect.  Blessings to you all!  (Someone who was really smart said, "The Lord works in mysterious ways."  You, and your Lady, now know what he meant.)


Cool pics.  I'm hungry.  Come on Baby Jesus, Santa and a vaccine!

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19 hours ago, DoorGunner said:

99 Days till CHRISTMAS

This year I will begin with a little story since my situation has changed. Read on if you are interested but I don't want to bore anyone. 


I retired this spring and am enjoying every minute of it. In March when the Virus shut things down my girlfriend and I had a long discussion about our situation. We live about 28 miles apart and when we both worked we only had weekends to see each other but we spoke every night and it never got old. In March we decided to move into her house to reduce the amount of time where we would come into contact with all you disease-ridden common folk. Big house and she lived here alone. 


We had been seeing each other for seven years but that was a very long time ago when our four kids were very young. It was never going to be The Brady Bunch so after seven years we parted ways and lost touch with each other. Then in March some four years ago I received an email from her and we reconnected. Both my daughters were grown and on their own and so was her daughter. Her son was a different story. His name was Sean and the greatest little boy I ever had the pleasure to know. Sean was severely handicapped, confined to a wheelchair and required constant care and my girl was the most incredible mom you could ever imagine. 


For the past four years Christmas has been difficult for both of us because she just had a lot of trouble getting into the Holiday Spirit. Lost both of her parents right around the Holidays and then one year after Sean had made it into his 20's he was in the hospital in serious condition two weeks before Christmas. The little guy was a fighter and by another miracle he recovered but it was a short Christmas Gift. A few weeks after Christmas and he was gone. Writing this so you can understand why my girl has a rough time around the Holidays.


About a month ago we sat down and had a long talk. Six months together and we are still best friends and the Love has always been there. No arguments and we have had a lot of fun so we talked things out and decided to make this permanent so I'm in the process of moving my stuff up here. One part of our discussion was about Christmas and some concessions were made. I usually put my tree and trains up the day After Halloween while her tree went up a week before Christmas. The compromise is that we will wait till the day after Thanksgiving and put both trees and my trains up. I believe that this Christmas will be a lot merrier with us being together and hopefully my excess spirit will work over to her side and I think It may have already.


She knows about my 99 day countdown and I was shocked when out of the blue she, not me but her came up with this idea. Last Sunday we baked Christmas Cookies and took a few pics of them on the Sunday paper to show that we were serious about the countdown. I never expected this from her and it made me feel so freaking good. We did have a little talk this evening because it seems one of us has already finished off the cookies. So far we have eliminated her as a suspect and I am looking real hard to find out who did. Need a lawyer here. 


Just wanted to start out the countdown with this little story. From tomorrow on it will return to the fun facts from the old days.













I think that 's an awesome story! not the sad stuff of course. Best of luck Gunner and Merry Christmas.

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Awesome story, and best wishes DoorGunner.


Got one for you. Michael was a relative of mine. My paternal grandfather Charles had a brother Marty who had a daughter Mary who married Mike. My pop used to tell me stories about Michael taking out three machine gun emplacements solo before getting killed. The account is easy to look up if interested. My cousin, Lt. Col Patrick Mclaughlin gave me this token last month when we met for lunch. God bless Cpl. Crescenz. 



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