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Want to sell my Penn Torque 5.


This reel I bought from a local at my residence in Clearwater, FL. I have not used it or even spooled line onto it. I bought it knowing it wouldn't last long where it was originally listed but wanted a bailless torque, so I kept hunting. When I found one I decided to use that and list this one for public sale here.


Regarding the "upgrade", I found that the brass nut in the drag knob stripped in my bailless torque after a few days of fishing and adjusting the drag. I was not over tightening or using the reel in any way that could be construed as inappropriate. This being unacceptable, I fixed my bailless reel by fabricating a carbon steel nut that I heat treated to have durability and strength far far surpassing the original nut. The nut was greased heavily to resist corrosion, though this should never be even necessary as the reel is fully sealed to water intrusion. This torque has the same upgrade, and completely fixes this crippling issue. The new nut will last as long as the rest of the reel and probably longer.


I'd like to get back what I have into it, $550 shipped, PayPal preferrable but will consider other options as they are offered. Again, this reel is brand new in box, aside from the upgraded drag knob nut, and is 10/10 functionally and 10/10 aesthetically. Comes in the original box as shown, which is exactly as I received it when I bought it here in Clearwater.


If you have any questions please let me know.









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2 hours ago, patfont said:

May want to show the drag knob nut, and also remove the spool to see if it has the updated spool shaft.

You're right, thanks for the suggestion. I wasn't sure if people wanted to see the nut since it's a fairly mundane thing. The spool shaft design is a very good point though.


Updated spool shaft design:



Hardened steel drag knob nut. The surface finish isn't showroom worthy but it will do the job without self-destructing like the original brass nut.



Greased and re-inserted:



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Bump. First and last.


This will remain open so long as the reel is available here. If anything changes I will update it accordingly.


Also, I am open to offers, just don't low-ball me. Brand new reel, remember.

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I think I will keep this reel and use it on a jigging/popping rod I've built. I'll leave the thread open if anyone really wants a Torque 5 since they're really hard to find. If anyone reading this is interested, let me know and we'll re-asses the situation. I'll give a new asking price and everything.

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