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Since we have a group of guys here we’ll spread out I’ve true US, I’m curious to hear, from all sides or middle of the aisle, how you think your state, battleground states or even entrenched states that may flip might end up in November. I think the red crayon is going to be worn down more than the blue crayon, but I want to hear everyone’s thoughts. 

im from Maryland and considering how every election, regardless of who it is Baltimore is 90% dem and I don’t think the immediate surrounding counties or DC are much different. I don’t think it’s going to flip, but I think there may be a shift toward the light. Hogan is a RINO and as such has soaked up a lot of dem support and I think that has been making those who don’t know how spineless he is co spider the GOP a little more than before. I think the biggest problem is MD is education. In the new plantations it’s passed through the community, those who choose to go to school get it reaffirmed and it’s a cycle that will take a long time to break. I don’t think the ghettos of Baltimore and DC are unique in this regard, but I do think some other swing states can flip. 

what say you? 

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